This playlist of live videos alow you to enter the world of IYNNU.

After the release of a vinyl on the Berlin based label WatchMeWin, IYNNU offers a solo live version of his music. Closer to a sound and visual performance than a traditional live music act, between hypnotic grooves and stratospheric atmospheres, IYNNU invites you to enter a world beyond what you thought you knew !

IYNNU’s interest in electronic music and the experimentation of the sound material allows him to propose a versatile and moving performance, able to adapt its energy to the venue and to the audience.

With a minimal setup, the possibilities are almost unlimited. The transition from a soundscape to an electronic groove pas- sing through strange spoken words can generate a wide range of emotions. In addition, because of the improvised character of the music, other musicians can obviously join him for "featuring" or jam sessions.

IYNNU it's also special performances, in your livingroom, with headphones, etc..